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Al Hodge Sep 19, 2019
Plastics Pollution and Its Impact
Ben Schafer Sep 26, 2019
Appalachian Trail Experience
Debbie Gonzales Oct 03, 2019
The Road to Breaking Barriers & Bashing Records
The Road to Breaking Barriers & Bashing Records

A celebration of the strength, endurance, and athleticism of women and girls throughout the ages, Girls With Guts! keeps score with examples of women athletes from the late 1800s up through the 1970s, sharing how women refused to take no for an answer, and how finally, they pushed for a law to protect their right to play, compete, and be athletes. 

"I find that this book tells the story of courageous and remarkable women that has brought the opportunities for today’s girls in a positive and fun way even though the fight has not always been easy. But this book captures history in way where the first thought is strength and will of these remarkable ladies. 

It is also a good book to remind that it is not that long ago that we were in a very different situation still. A good reminder that even though there are still things and attitudes to change, women’s sport has come a long way to the point we had in Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games for the first time ever, 50/50 female and male athletes competing!"

—Emma Terho, a multiple-time Olympic and Women’s World Championship bronze medalist

Our Speaker is Debbie Gonzales the author of Girls with Guts, ph# 512-426-6050, E-Mail DebbieDee5@GMail.com

Carol Lessure Oct 10, 2019
Understanding Grieving, Grieve Well


No Pork for lunch, needs a projector

Carol Lessure, E-Mail; Carol@GrieveWell.com, Phone Number 734-474-0501

Brenda Tipton Oct 17, 2019
Grow Rotary 2020
Susan Nenadic Oct 24, 2019
Friends of Amoru


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Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton
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