Club Members,

I hope you continue to be safe and healthy.   

Below is our most recent club update.   The Board continues to meet virtually and plan for the remainder of this Rotary year and the fast approaching new year. 


On Thursday, May 21st our club hosted its first online “Zoom” club meeting.  It was a great success!  We have decided we will continue to host virtual meetings on the FIRST and THIRD THURSDAYS of each month until we are able to meet in person.  Our next meeting will be on THURSDAY, JUNE 4 at 12pm.  We will send out a link for the meeting on the Monday prior.  Just a reminder, you do not need to have a computer to participate.  There is also a call in number which allows you to hear and be heard during the meeting.  Please consider joining us!

Currently, Brecon Village has not provided to us any information as to when they will allow us back into their facility for in person meetings.  We are also awaiting a recommendation from Rotary as to resuming in person meetings.


Our club’s effort to purchase and distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) — cloth face masks — has been a great success.  I have attached a photo of the bagged and labeled masks.

To date, we have distributed 200 masks free of charge to club members and local organizations, including, Saline Area Social Services, Mill Pond Manner, and StoryPoint.  We also had an opportunity to partner with Saline Main Street to help in their effort to provide masks to downtown restaurants and businesses which are required to re-open.   

If are you interested in providing a donation for this project, checks can be sent to Saline Rotary, Post Office Box 121, Saline, MI 48176.  

Please make checks payable Saline Rotary Foundation and indicate on the memo line that it is to be used for face masks/PPE.  All donations above $20 will receive a receipt that may be used for tax deduction purposes (see your tax preparer for details).


A huge thank you to our Scholarship Committee for coming together and navigating a much different scholarship process this year.  Their hard work yielded four $1,000 scholarships being granted to Saline High School graduates.  We will announce the recipients upon them being notified by the school.



After discussion, the Board has voted to increase quarterly dues to $50.  This $10 increase is due to increases in both Rotary District and International fees.  The change will be effective as of the next billing cycle.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most larger scale gatherings are being cancelled.  This unfortunately tremendously impacts our Club’s fundraising efforts.  As a reminder, below are our general fundraising activities:

Duck Race:  The Celtic Festival has been cancelled this year and therefore this activity will not happen.  (projected lost revenue:  $600.00)

Cemetery Tour:  Cancelled as it is unclear whether social distancing will logistically permit this event.  It is also unclear as to whether the funeral home will be in a position to co-sponsor this event.  (projected lost revenue:  $1,100.00)

Steer Raffle: It is unclear at this time whether the Saline Fair will be go forward this year.  We have decided to cancel this activity.  (projected lost revenue:  $1,200.00)

Saline Fair Gate Fees:  It is unclear at this time whether the Saline Fair will be going forward this year.  We have not included these fundraising dollars in the current budget.  (projected lost revenue:  $2,500.00).

Car Raffle:  Currently the car raffle appears to be our only current viable fundraiser for next year.  There is still an unknown as to whether Crispin will be able to partner with Rotary for a vehicle.  We are awaiting a decision.  We are also exploring other partnership opportunities should Crispin not be able to accommodate this fundraiser. 

In preparing the 2020-2021 budget, we have taken these fundraising shortfalls into consideration.  The combined total anticipated lost fundraising revenue for the duck race, cemetery tour and steer raffle is $2,900.00.  Obviously this will be a large hit to the budget. The Board is recommending to help offset the fundraising shortfall, each Rotarian contribute $100.00 to the club.  With our current member base of 32, this would return $3,200.00 into our club budget.  We are remaining optimistic about moving forward with the car raffle which generally nets approximately $8,000.  The only “maybe” number is the $2,500 Saline Fair Gate fees which are not enumerated in the current budget.

This “self-funded” fundraiser avenue, together with the car raffle proceeds would provide enough revenue to keep the club moving forward with our normal expenses, limited donations and our yearly scholarships. 

Saline Rotary Club Foundation:

The current COVID-19 crisis has also impacted our Saline Foundation Fund. 

The quarterly Vanguard Wellington Fund quarterly return for the latest quarter was a negative 13.8% , as the stock market plunged 20.0% as measured by the Standard and Poor's 500 Stock Index. The market value as of March 31, 2020 was $22,968.35.

The market has since been on a better trajectory which has allowed the account to stabilize.  

Please also note that without in person meetings, there are no Happy Dollars, 50-50 designations or general donations been earmarked for the Foundation Fund.  Rotarians can contribute to the Foundation at anytime.  Checks can be sent to our Post Office Box.   Be sure to make checks payable to the Saline Rotary Club Foundation and indicate “Donation” on the memo line.

Mullick Challenge:

To end the finance portion on an up note, we have received notification from the Mullick family that they have paid the shipping fees for the Christmas boxes that were mailed to families.  This means that our Mullick Challenge dollars remain which puts the Club in a great position for expanding the MC this holiday season.  


Pavillion Project:

The project is currently on hold due to the uncertainty of club funding.   We have not received any information regarding the $2,500 Rotary grant that Al Hodge applied for.  We are awaiting additional information as to if there can be an extension of the timeframe to use the grant or if a different (possibly a smaller scale project) could be substituted at this time. 

Upcoming Events:

Road Clean up — We are awaiting confirmation from the Washtenaw County Road Commission as to their re-engagement policy for road clean up.   Currently the summer road clean up is scheduled for July 17/18.

Lastly, not all of our members utilize email on a regular basis.  If you know of any member who is not being reached during this time, please let me know.  I would be happy to print and mail club updates or check in with a phone call.  

As always, if you are in need of anything during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to me either by email ( or phone (248) 417-7703.  Together we will get through this trying time.


Janet Dillon

Club President